Drinking water vulnerability tool

2020-2021 Water Data Challenge
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Team Members
Gregor Allensworth
Amanda Damewood
María Lamadrid
Dan Rademacher
Tim Sinnott
Stephen Smith
Maianna Voge
Yessenia Chaiu Zhang
Susana De Anda
Laurel Firestone
Natalie Garcia-Grazier
Ryan Jensen
Heather Lukacs
David Okita
Debi Ores
Adriana Renteria
Anavel Valdez-Lupercio
Amanda Fencl
Rob Gailey
Carolina Balazs
Kallista Bley
Lara Cushing
Jessica Goddard
Rachel Morello-Frosch
Clare Pace
Jenny Rempel


Project Description

A web-based application, https://drinkingwatertool.communitywatercenter.org/, that puts key water data at the fingertips of the community, so members can explore, understand, and advocate for the safety of their water supplies, with a focus on wells and community water systems that serve populations less than 10,000.

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