This page provides more information about some of the awards presented in past data challenge events included in this project repository.

Change at Scale πŸ†

This award is new in 2019 and it aims to recognize the importance of scalability. The project that gets this award demonstrates impact at more than one scale and should have characteristics that reflect the success gained from iterating over multiple engagements with multiple parties at different scales.

Change at Scale Award Winners

Enduring Civic Engagement πŸ†

To honor the team that has had the most impact on communities and their interests, we are excited to announce the inaugural Enduring Civic Engagement Award. This award recognizes the importance of iteration, the value of gathering civic interests and honoring the community perspective on water data value.

Enduring Civic Engagement Award Winners

Equity πŸ†

Equity Award Winners

Imagine H2O πŸ†

As part of a call for commitments to further support the role of a data to solve water challenges, Imagine H2O awarded $1,500 cash and select accelerator services to one team from the Challenge whose solution best meets the following criteria:

  • Impact - improves drinking water access and resiliency

  • Scalability - enables broad deployment of drinking water solutions

  • Innovation - sets forth a unique solution

Imagine H2O Award Winners

Moonshot πŸ†

This award looks at the most ambitious or highest potential for large impact as well as compelling concept and Creativity in approach.

Moonshot Award Winners

Most Data-licious πŸ†

This award is intended to recognize projects that effectively integrate data from different sources or organizations, including their own data.

Most Data-licious Award Winners

Most Engaging by Design πŸ†

Most Engaging by Design Award Winners

Peoples Choice πŸ†

This award recognizes the project that has received the most votes from the summit’s in-person participants.

Peoples Choice Award Winners

Ready-to-Go πŸ†

This award looks at feasibility of implementation. It addresses real-world needs relevant to drinking water issues, demonstrating an understanding of constraints, including cost of implementation. It works β€œas is”, and has some level of interoperability with existing work or systems.

Ready-to-Go Award Winners

Rising Innovator πŸ†

This award is intended to recognize an emerging group of leaders in the water, technology, or innovation fields. The team demonstrated an innovative approach, has high leadership potential, and a diversity of organizations.

Rising Innovator Award Winners

Team Spirit and Collaboration πŸ†

Team Spirit and Collaboration Award Winners

Honorable Mention πŸ†

Honorable Mention Award Winners

Runner-Up πŸ†

Runner-Up Award Winners

Overall Winner πŸ†

Overall winner of the competition.

Overall Winner Award Winners