California Trash Data Dive 2021


The California Trash Data Dive is an annual forum for data scientists, environmental planners, trash regulators, land use experts, and advocates for environmental justice to discuss and collaborate on trash data & policy. The goal of the Data Dive is to use trash data effectively to drive improved and equitable social and environmental outcomes. This year, Data Dive participants will spend 2 days building and sharing technological, policy, and storytelling innovations leading towards less trash in our communities.

Event summary

On October 28-29th, 2021, the State Water Resources Control Board’s Office of Information Management and Analysis held the fifth annual California Trash Data Dive virtually using Zoom. Videos of the 2-day event are available on the California Water Quality Monitoring Council’s Youtube page. The majority of the Data Dive was spent in 4, ~1.5 hour breakout sessions on the following topics:

A big shoutout to this year’s breakout group facilitators, who provided hours of small group engagement working with trash data: Dr. Win Cowger, Gary Conley, Jarma Bennett, Dr. Julian Fulton, Shelly Moore, Sarah Hutmacher, Walter Yu & Dr. Tony Hale.

In addition to the breakout groups, the Data Dive hosted 1 keynote speaker and 2 invited presentations from outside groups over the 2 days:


The primary outcomes of this event included:

How do I stay involved?

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